Monday, May 28, 2012

More Daily Scenes and Random Weather Info

It's naptime, and both children are peacefully sleeping. Quite the opposite of yesterday's naptime. I'm thankful they're sleeping so well right now since I'm on my own with them this evening. Dan works the 2-9:30 shift today.

I thought I'd post a few more random pictures of things you'd see here most everyday we're at home.

Elena hanging out with Rebecca, our house help.

Elena in the high chair. She hangs out in here while we eat and while I'm cooking.

Tummy time!

Edwin playing with Chariot. 

Edwin is fascinated by the front loading washer. 

I've heard it's hot and humid in the mid-Atlantic region these days. I can't say I miss that humidity. The air is dry here, and that makes any heat so much more endurable (I am not a hot weather fan, can you tell?) It's going towards winter here, which means the mornings and evenings are quite cool. During the day, the sun is warm if you're standing in it, but because the air is dry, if you walk into the shade, you might feel cool.  It's warm enough that Edwin can run around barefoot during the day and I don't have to bundle him up most of the time. But when the sun goes down, we pull out the slippers and sweatshirts, and we've closed most of the windows in the house because it gets too cold in the house otherwise.

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