Monday, June 11, 2018


Some photos to show a few snippets of life recently.

Around Home

(the neighbors' dog)

(Our own garden strawberries)

Mud Run Jr. Fun

Sparkler fun

Ballet Showcase

(can you find our ballerina?)

Monday, April 16, 2018

Mending and Collar Turning

The kids were back in school after a long spring break, and I found myself somewhat at loose ends, although goodness knows I had a bunch of things to take care of. Because it was a rainy day, and I am trying to line dry most of our laundry these days, I only did one load and hung them on the drying rack downstairs. Normally on a Monday, when the weather is nice, I do as much laundry as possible.

I wasn't in a mood to bake anything, and since I was serving leftovers for dinner, I didn't need to do any meal prep.

Instead, I decided to finally tackle a couple small projects waiting for me in the sewing room. A few weeks ago I found a nice button-down shirt for Edwin at a thrift store. I like to have about 1-2 in his closet during the warm weather months. After washing it, however, I discovered some pen marks on the outside of the collar. I hadn't looked there for stains. So I solved that problem by turning the collar. Now the stain is hidden when the collar is folded down. Good thing he doesn't like to pop his collar.

The next project was hand-stitching some underarm seams in a jumper that used to be mine that Elena now wears. If you look closely you can see the ice cream cone buttons my mom sewed on this years ago. I loved them as a kid.

My last project today was actually the beginning of a much bigger project: sewing room curtains. I cut the fabric to the right length and then began to iron it. This is one I'll spread out over a number of rainy days when I can't work out in the yard and garden.

I have two lengths of this fabric. I found the shorter length first and loved, loved, loved it. I knew it wouldn't be enough for what I needed, and they said they didn't have any more in stock. Since I bought it at a fabric outlet, I couldn't just order more. When I looked for it online I didn't find any good source for it, so put it in my stash and focused on other projects in the meantime. Two years later, I was at the same fabric outlet and happened to find another roll of the same fabric. Woo hoo! We will be replacing the sewing room windows in the near future, so I figure I might as well start working on these curtains. 

Friday, March 16, 2018

Sewing for the Third

Before going to Botswana, I made Edwin a little back pack to wear on the plane. 
It was perfect for a toddler. When Elena turned two, I made one for her as well. She's currently using it to carry her ballet shoes to and from class.

A few months ago Susanna became interested in Elena's little backpack, so I figured it was time to make her one too. I'm hoping it can become the bag we use for a change of clothes (think successful-potty-training-but-it's-always-good-to-be-prepared) or carrying things here and there that she wants to take along. 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


They are DONE! I finished putting on the last of the nail head trim this morning. As always, it feels really good to finish a large project. The fact that it was a new kind of project for me and I wasn't always sure I'd be able to do a good job, makes it feel all the more satisfying.



Close up of the last section of nail head trim that I installed.
(don't look too closely or you see the unevenness)

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A Tale of Two Capes

I made Elena a fleece cape a few years ago. Now it was Susie's turn to have one. She insisted on pink.