Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mama Tribe

A friend of mine recently named our group of mom friends her "mama tribe." I love it. I feel like it describes us. I have this great, close group of friends here in Wilmington. Many of us are transplants and don't have family close by, and a bunch of us met 4 years ago when we all joined a local moms' group. Most of us had recently moved to the area, we had small children, and we were desperate for friends.

Over the years, we've met other moms in various places, told them about our awesome group, they've joined in, and so here we are. We help each other with baby-sitting, we take meals to each other when we have babies, or are sick, or have crazy things happening in life. We throw "baby sprinkles" when some one is pregnant, we have play dates, we have moms' nights out - any reason to get together to laugh, or cry, or both. We know we have friends we can call on when we just need to talk to a some one who knows what we're going through. We don't all have the same parenting styles or childbirth stories, but we care about each other and ready to help out when needed, those other things just don't matter.

Before I had kids, when I was engaged, some one told me that I needed to make sure to foster my friendships with my girlfriends, because they would be vital to me. She was so, so right. Thank you for keeping me sane, Ladies. I love you all!