Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Earlier this week I procrastinated from doing some things that were high on my "to do" list by sewing some fun shorts for Edwin. I didn't think I'd try making any of Edwin's clothes since onesies are wonderful, we got so many clothes as gifts, and thrift stores are pretty cheap.

However, a friend gave me some cute "boy" fabric, and I just couldn't resist. She found it at a store called Spool. One of these days I need to stop in there and check it out in person.

I didn't need a pattern. I just googled patterns for shorts and found a couple tutorials that showed how easy it is to make a pair of simple shorts. So then I used a pair of Edwin's shorts as my template.

And I've managed to procrastinate even more by taking this sewing activity and turning it into a blog post!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Park Tour

Dan and I invested in a state park pass this year. We figured that it would be worth it if we went to some of the many state parks in our area.

I'm impressed with Delaware's state parks. Having grown up in semi-rural Pennsylvania, my family didn't spend time going to parks. All we had to do was walk out the door and fields, woods and streams were nearby. However, we've found that since we live in the city, we really value going somewhere to be surrounded by trees, open skies and nature. And Delaware provides a lot of different options fairly close by.

So while Dan has been having a more relaxed schedule (that will all change in a week), we've taken the opportunity to visit some of these parks. We've gone to a couple state parks and one of the county parks.

Here's what we got to see at one of the state parks. We were right along the river where ships pass by on their way to and from a nearby port.

Pond and woodlands at another park (yes, that's Edwin under the hat).

Ready for a woodland hike at a local county park.

And, of course, always beware of poison ivy!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One Fish, Two Fish, Edwin is a New Fish

He doesn't seem to mind being dunked, at least.

We went swimming in two different pools yesterday. At the first I dunked him three times, and at the second I dunked him just once so Dan could witness it. The key is to blow in a baby's face right before you take them under so they suck in their breath. I learned that little trick years ago when I took a toddler to the Y for swim lessons.

It was nice to be in a pool on at least one of these crazy hot days. Hope you were able to do the same somewhere!