Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Toddler Books

Ever since I learned that we're expecting a boy (Yes, a BOY! I don't think I mentioned it in a post yet. Sorry Debby!), I've decided I want to find a collection of the cutest toddler books I've seen. They were written by Barbro Lindgren and are about a toddler named Sam. When I was nannying years ago, I found these books at the Lancaster Co. Library and read them to the little boy I took care of. He loved them.

When traveling in Germany I saw them (a German version, of course) in a book store and now wish I'd have bought them, even though I'd prefer English copies. I wasn't able to find the books in a book store last time I looked. I have found copies online and hope to assemble my own collection. They include stories about Sam and his car, teddy bear, wagon, cookie, potty, ball and bath. And as I said before, they are absolutely adorable.

I wish I knew if the Lanc. Co. Library was every getting rid of their collection. I'd wait in line just for them!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Recent Readings

I've been reading a number of birth-related books lately (to break up the melodrama of the Twilight series) and thought I'd share them. If you like reading about birth history, birth stories and midwifery-related items, you'll enjoy these books. I've found them entertaining as well as educational.

I love the philosophy of midwifery and like to think that I'd have chosen midwifery as a career if I hadn't fallen in love with Family and Consumer Sciences.

I've always gone to midwives for my "female care." So when we moved to Delaware and I knew we'd be thinking about starting a family, I thought I should find a midwife ASAP. Did you know there aren't many in our area of Delaware? In fact, I don't think there are many at all in the whole state. Where we both come from (Lancaster), there are scads of midwives, in comparison, at least. Two large OB/GYN practices are staffed with over half a dozen midwives who attend the low-risk deliveries while the high-risk deliveries are reserved for the OBs. There's a birthing center staffed with midwives that's very popular, and I even have friends and acquaintances who have had homebirths attended by midwives.

Needless to say, I was quite discouraged by the limited number of midwives in our new location.
I found 3 practices in our area with midwives. I think two of those places staff only 1 midwife. The other is a birthing center. After lots of debate, we chose the practice (and midwife) associated with Dan's hospital so that he would be able to attend appointments more easily. Plus, if I go into labor while Dan's working, he can just walk from one part of the hospital to Labor and Delivery to join me.

It seems like it can be a tough battle for midwives to find acceptance in the medical world, and I'm excited to have a midwife who is committed to helping a woman have a good birthing experience, who is supportive of low-intervention labor and delivery, who is encouraging and experienced.

Here's to midwives and all the laboring they do with women!

A very fun read with stories about a nurse midwife who had her own practice for over a decade. Click here for more information.

Another autobiographical story about a midwife from Virginia. This one explores even more of the politics of the medical system. And, Mennonites are even mentioned!
Click here for more information.

Ever wonder why and when most women stopped delivering babies at home, who decided that women should deliver lying on their back, or what exactly "Twilight Sleep" is? I enjoyed reading about trends, beliefs, conflicts and techniques - minus the scary tools sometimes used long ago.

Click here to see a copy online.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Almost halfway

We spent last weekend with my family at a cabin (a very nice, cozy cabin) in northern PA. During that time I made sure to get my mom to take a few "belly shots." I'm 18.5 weeks (4 1/2 months) pregnant in these pictures. I'm posting two almost identical pictures because I feel like one makes me look bigger (picture 1), the other smaller (picture 2). I'm not sure which is really accurate. The reality is, I really look like I'm pregnant now!

I've been feeling the "round ligament pain" - that is, the stretching uterus - for quite a while. I've noticed it goes in spurts. I'll have a day or two of periodic cramping and twinges and then - POOF! - my belly has expanded. We'll see if the pattern continues.

We have another appointment on Monday, and we'll have an ultrasound at that time. And yes, we're going to find out the sex of the baby. I always thought I'd want to wait, but I've decided I'd rather know and then be able to picture a boy or a girl. We'll let you all know, but we'll keep name options a secret until the birth announcement.

And...I'm beginning to suspect I feel our little Hessling dancing around inside me. It feels like little bubbles every now and again. I only notice it if I'm sitting still. I've heard I'll just "know", but I am not quite sure if what I'm feeling is the baby. I've had these periodic "bubbles" since Saturday, and I don't think I ever felt them before. So what do you experiences moms say: is Baby Hess finally being felt??

Here's photo evidence of Baby Hess: