Thursday, July 2, 2009

Strand by Strand

After Match Day, when we learned we were moving to Delaware, I thought it was ironic that we'd chosen to name our blog "The Braided Rug" and how we mentioned our life being woven from different strands, just like a braided rug. Usually when I braid rugs, I have specific colors in mind in the beginning. I put the color swatches or material together just to see how well they coordinate and make a general plan for what kind of pattern to create. Sometimes I end up using the color scheme I'd planned on. Sometimes it changes mid-rug. I might decide that a certain color really doesn't go well or I might throw in a random color - just because it feels right - and I'm often surprised at how well unique colors can go together and feel right.

That's how this move feels. It's like I've been braiding a rug with colors and a pattern I picked out at the beginning and planned on using for the whole project. But suddenly, I picked up a different color, threw it in and have been amazed that this is the color I'm using. And now I wonder what colors and pattern will come next. I had an idea of how the rug might be, but now it's unknown and just going to unfold, strand by strand.