Friday, August 27, 2010


What do spearmint gum and Dove soap have in common? (The picture is a clue.)

A number of years ago, I started noticing that whenever I took a shower, I would think of my grandmother (we called her Mammaw). I couldn't figure out why. I wouldn't be thinking of her before my shower or even earlier in the day, but as soon as I'd step in the shower - poof - I'd think of her. Strange...until I made the connection that I was using Dove soap, and Mammaw's bathroom always smelled like Dove soap. Without realizing it, just smelling the soap conjured up my memories of this very talented woman (she taught me how to crochet, helped me with the first quilt I ever made and introduced me to embroidery - how I wished I'd learned all her cooking secrets too).

I had a similar experience just the other day. I opened a pack of spearmint gum and as I got a whiff of the smell, I thought of Mammaw. I'm pretty sure that's one of the flavors she kept in her kitchen cabinet (right near the jar of M&Ms we liked to dip into).

And for fun, I just had to chew some spearmint gum while writing this post.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Peachy Keen

I love peaches. They are hands-down my favorite fruit. I love them fresh, in smoothies, on top of my cereal, in hot fruit sauce on pancakes, home-canned, and I'd probably like them dried, but I haven't tried them that way. (Interestingly enough, I'm not crazy about any peach ice cream I've tried so far. My theory: fresh, in-season peaches have not been used.)

Oh, and I love them in pie. Peaches are my favorite fruit, and peach pie is definitely my favorite pie. But only if the peaches used are fresh and in season - not frozen or canned.

My mom passed on a tradition to my sister and I: the "annual peach pie." My version usually includes more than one peach pie because I enjoy them so much. You can bet I've already made 2 peach pies and there's a good chance I'll be making a third before the season is finished.

I'll be sad when peach season is over, but I'll have had my fill of peaches - until next year!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vintage High Chair

My mom has a vintage cosco high chair that she uses for her grandchildren. She got it from her mom, whom we called Mammaw. Mammaw had purchased it years ago using green stamps. When we were at my parents' house one time last winter, I noticed it again and decided I liked how small it is. It even folds up for easy storage. Since we don't have lots of kitchen space, I didn't want a large high chair. I happened to mention how much I liked this one and that I thought I'd try to find one like it.

A few weeks before my baby shower, my sister called to say that she saw a high chair exactly like my mom's in an antique shop in Strasburg. It seemed like it was in decent condition, so I told her to pick it up for me.

After getting it home, I decided it needed a little face lift. I prefer red to orange, green, yellow and white, so I went to work.

I figured out how to remove the bottom upholstered piece.

This enabled me to clean off more of the gunk I found.
Here it is half recovered. Lovely combination, eh?
I never did figure out how to remove the back, so I just hot glued the vinyl over top of the old stuff.
I used some webbing to cover the raw vinyl edges. Hot glue came in handy once again.
I then replaced the safety straps, because the old ones were very dirty and gross. Imagine years of baby food dried on and stuck in the crevices.
Notice the snaps? I figured out how to apply snaps, and so the straps are removable and washable. I suppose when Edwin learns how to pull snaps apart we might have a problem, but that won't be for a little while yet.

Here's Edwin testing out the chair prior to adding the straps.
And...voila'! The finished product. I sanded the chrome and used a toothbrush to clean hard-to-reach places. I have a cute, clean, practical high chair all ready for use.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Super-Sized Kid

This was Edwin shortly after coming home from the hospital.

This is Edwin now.
We need a new car seat.

4 months (as of yesterday)

Edwin is 4 months old, and so I feel inclined to write about him. I love him and love sharing photos of him. Hope you don't mind.

What is Edwin up to these days?

He likes to stand while being held.

He can almost roll over from his back to his belly. And he hangs out on his belly for long periods of time.

He met his great-grandfather who happens to be his namesake (Charles Edwin).

He has begun reaching for things which he then tries to eat.

Oh, we're having lots of fun!