Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Bathroom Updates

The work goes on here. Sometimes I think we will get to a stopping point, but then we just keep moving on to the next project. This time it is the bathrooms.  We have one full bath and one half bath.

Before moving in we had new tile put in the half bath because what was in there was so old and gross. The flooring in the full bath was only slightly better, but once I scrubbed it with steel wool, it was at least clean, if not pretty.

The walls in each room are old ceramic tile which has held up really well. The grout looked pretty dingy, so we figured regrouting it would make a huge difference. Plus, I've read that taking out old tile is really hard, messy work (think cement and wire mesh), so we decided to see if we could just make a few changes and freshen it up. I like some retro finishes, and I think this tile is original to the house, so it fits with the overall character.



Sink, toilet and radiator removed. 

Old flooring out. Best vacuuming help around.

New floor tile. Fresh white grout on the wall tile, charcoal grout on the floor. We've kept the old medicine cabinet (partly because we couldn't get it out even after taking all the screws out) but replaced the lights on either side. Trim is white and you can see we have a bright teal for the walls.

Marble threshold. 

The door and closet doors have been removed. I took them to a local "dip and strip" place so they can remove the paint and sand them for us, and then we'll refinish them and put on new hardware.