Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Tale of the Front Door*

Once upon a time, there was a strong, beautiful, white-painted wooden door. It had an antique brass knocker and antique brass door handle.  It sat under a tarnished copper porch surrounded by intricate wrought iron pillars. 

Over the years, it grew to look shabby and in need of repair. The door was as good as ever, but now there was a rusted, dented old storm door on the front. The trim was in need of new paint, and the wrought iron work needed to be scraped and repainted.

A new family moved in and began making changes to the house. The door began to hope its turn would be soon. After all, a front door is often the first thing a person notices when they go by or come to visit. When painters came and scraped, sanded and repainted the trim and wrought iron, the door was excited. Perhaps it was next on the list! But no, the poor door had to wait through the long, cold winter for its turn.

Then one spring day, some men came and took away the old, rusted storm door. It had protected the wooden door from the weather for years, but now it was time for a new storm door.

What a change! Suddenly, the whole door could be seen! The owners laughed and wondered why in the world they hadn't made this change earlier. Now the front door was inviting and beautiful to look at.

But, wait. It's actually not quite done. The owners of this house like splashes of color, and for months now, one of them had been trying to decide just what shade to paint the door. White is classic, but it wasn't quite right for this door. So, to the door's delight, it got a face lift too. Finally.

*Yes, this is the silly stuff I come up with after tucking the kids to bed when Dan is working and I am trying to avoid things like canning tomatoes or finishing painting trim somewhere in the house.