Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Daily Scenes

We've been having an "art and creativity" time each morning while Elena is napping. I brought along a few supplies, and Edwin enjoys using them. He's definitely creative with the supplies and doesn't necessarily use them the "correct" way (using colored pencils to poke holes in the cardboard, painting the watercolor box instead of paper, coloring on his hands with markers, etc.). Oh well. He hasn't tried painting or coloring on the walls yet, at least.

See that cardboard beneath the paper? This has saved me a lot of clean up. I was at the Main Mall one day last week and I happened to see some broken down cardboard boxes sitting behind a trash can. I decided I needed some of that cardboard for this exact reason, so I walked over, ripped off a piece and carried it home with me. I'm sure the people standing around thought I was bit odd. If they said anything to each other, I couldn't understand them!

The tent below was loaned to us by a friend from my moms group (thanks, Emily!). It has been wonderful. We've encountered a fair amount of mosquitoes but Elena has been protected from them at night due to this nifty tent. If you know of anyone trying to decide whether to get a pack n play or something like this, I'd get this instead. It packs up so much easier than a pack n play and works really, really well.


  1. I love all of your posts! And the pictures are great!

  2. Adorable! And way to rock that bed-head, Edwin! :) Also, when my kids were the same age as your two, that's how Leah and I spent our mornings as well. It was actually an adjustment when Isaac stopped napping in the morning, because we lost a good chunk of one on one time!

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  4. thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog recently. i just recently caught up on your blog and did not realize you were out of the country! sounds like quite the adventure! ;) your kids are so cute and look a lot like you!many blessings! love, heather :)