Monday, May 21, 2012

Laundry and Pretzels

Monday is laundry day. The washer is in the kitchen here (compared to in the basement - which is the case at home), and it's surprised me how much quicker I seem to get the laundry done. I'm even line drying here. This house is also only one level, whereas our home in DE is two stories with a basement. I guess the only downside about not having stairs here is that I'm getting less exercise throughout the day. Oh well.

In between doing loads of laundry (which will not be folded until tomorrow at the earliest - our house help was not here today, and I don't usually fold laundry the same day it's washed, especially if it's line-dried) I baked some soft pretzel for lunch.

I like them so much I thought I'd share the recipe. You can find it HERE.  The two darker pretzels have cinnamon and sugar on them.

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