Friday, November 12, 2010

We Would Be Dans

I was using a cake pan today that once belonged to Dan's grandmother Susie. Every time I use it I notice the initials written on it in permanent marker. The interesting thing about this pan (that she baked cakes in, used for fellowship meal casseroles, etc.) is that the initials on it aren't Susie's. They're her husband's.

I don't know if this was just a common thing in that generation in general, or if it was just common among the Mennonites, but it's not a tradition we've kept among my generation.

Another tradition we did away with is calling families by the husband's name. My mom's generation did this (or at least my mom did and sometime still does - no offense, Mom!) Growing up the families we often hung out with were Dons, Roys and Marshalls. We got to see Mervs sometimes during the year too. And we were Marises.

Just some of my random thoughts today...


  1. We'd be the Steves! So funny. My mom never did that- she didn't like mail addressed to"Mrs Mark Pohl", even. Whenever I get mail addressed that way I kind of wonder if I should be offended- but I don't really care.

  2. funny--we had a fellowship meal last week at byerland and they put mark's intials on my pan and everyone there talks like that! your post made me smile!

  3. HB, you even put mark's name on your comment!!!