Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pies, laundry, coffee and a sleeping baby

I baked some pies this morning for my family's Thanksgiving meal, and as I was cleaning up I savored the aroma of baking pastry mingling with coffee Dan made this morning, sun shining on the diapers hanging on the line, the hum of the drier and the knowledge that Edwin was snoozing peacefully (after a restless and early morning) in his bed.

I sighed and thought: "I like this stay-at-home gig."

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. What a fun and peaceful moment! I am really enjoying this gig, too. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving with your family-did Dan have any time off?

  2. Hey Amy! I had not been on your blog for quite a while & so I was 'catching up' :) I LOVE what you said here -- there's nothing quite so sweet as being an at-home-mom! :) I really enjoy it too!!

    Hope you and Edwin have a good day together!
    Angie Myer