Tuesday, September 9, 2014

One Week One Pattern: Days 2 & 3

Here's what I wore Sunday, Day #2:

Confession: This picture was not taken yesterday. Dan was working most of the day, so I couldn't have him take a picture, and since I don't have a smart phone or camera that photographs well in the mirror, I figured I'd just use a picture my mom took of me a few weeks ago when I had her photograph me in the dresses I've made this past year. I wore the same belt and similar jewelry, so I figured this works!

When I first made this dress (it's a lightweight knit with some percentage linen fiber content), I sewed the tucks in the top as the pattern suggested. I wore it that way a few times until after I made another knit dress without the tucks. I decided I preferred the tuckless look and so I took this dress apart and remade it sans tucks.

Day #3:

Here's the first shirt I made using Simplicity 2147. I hadn't planned on making a shirt initially, but I had some fabric from a knit skirt I'd made a while ago that I wanted to repurpose. You can see the skirt in the picture below. The fabric was too thin for a skirt (and I'd made the skirt too tight), in my opinion, and I had enough to make a shirt. I basically took the yoga waistband off the skirt and then re-hemmed it. I didn't have enough gray fabric to make the top/sleeve pieces, so I found some very lightweight knit fabric at JoAnn's and figured I'd see how it all turned out. Overall, it's fine, but if you look closely, it's not the most professional-looking. I don't have a serger, so sewing with knits is interesting, I definitely like the shirt more than the skirt, so I'm glad I made the change!


  1. My comment disappeared - who knows, maybe I am not posting twice! I love your outfits. They look great and I think taking out the tucks was a good call. They fit you really nicely. Thanks for sharing. ~Beth Hess

  2. I like your dresses and t-shirts. I don't think I would have been attracted to the pattern from its cover, but you've made some lovely versions!