Saturday, September 6, 2014

One Week, One Pattern: Day 1

Today is the first day of One Week, One Pattern (OWOP). And I did it! I actually wore one of the dresses I made. I've been wearing the clothing I made from this one pattern, but part of me wondered if I'd totally lose motivation to wear them during a specific week. I wear my clothes based on what I feel like wearing, so knowing that I've committed to wearing certain clothes during certain times made me wonder if I'd decide to throw in the towel last-minute. But I didn't, so that's good. Just a reminder, here's the pattern:


Today is hot and humid (my least favorite weather, unless you have a pool or other swimming venue at your disposal, which I do not) and we spent a chunk of the day at Longwood Gardens, so I picked this version (View A) of my pattern. No belt. I didn't want anything restricting airflow!

It's a little boxier than I typically wear, but it was great in hot weather. I used a very thin knit, so it was pretty breezy and lightweight. If you look closely, you'll see that I don't have any tucks in the part of the skirt that meets the bodice (can you call that upper part a bodice?). I made two dresses with the tucks, decided the dress was way to billowy and poofy, and so for each of my subsequent dresses and shirts, I've left out the tucks. Much better in my opinion.

A few other notes, for anyone who cares (and I'm not offended if you don't!), I made this dress too short initially and so I added a band of about 4 inches to the bottom. I matched up the strips pretty well on the front, but not so much on the back. But you can't see that from this picture. It's not the best-made dress, but I think I'll be wearing it more than just this week!


  1. Very, very cute. I think knits are hard to sew on, too! (And personally, I love the ease of boxy, straight cut dresses!)

  2. Thanks, Anna! it's always nice to hear positive feedback!

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