Sunday, July 20, 2014

New Project

I found an old braided rug at The Main Street Closet in Willow Street this weekend. It doesn't lie flat, it has a hole and it was never finished. I debated whether or not to get it, but it's rewarding to breathe new life into old things. Why go buy a new rug when I can fix up an old one?  Besides, it has character, right?

We were at a family reunion this weekend with Dan's extended Hess family. This was a perfect project to begin working on while chatting with others. Unfortunately, chatting was a bit difficult for me since I seemed to have lost my voice - not a good thing when you are spending the 24 hours at a large gathering where talking is the main activity!

Anyway, I started taking it apart because I will need to re-lace most of it so it will lie flat, and 
then I can also fix the hole more easily too. I've repaired two braided rugs so far prior to this, and it's definitely rewarding.  I have a slew of other projects, and the challenge for me is to make sure I finish some before beginning others or I get stressed out by all the (literal) loose ends.  And the real 

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