Thursday, July 17, 2014

Changes...Kind Of

Did you hear all the cheering and celebrating coming from northern Delaware at the end of last month? That was us celebrating that DAN IS FINISHED WITH RESIDENCY!!!!

Five years. We made it through. I knew we would, but there were times when "being done with residency" was only a very abstract idea, similar to before I was ever pregnant, and I would think "someday when I have children..."

So here we are. We've been asked a lot what's next. Not much is changing this year for us. We are living in the same house, and Dan will be working at the same place (as "chief resident" for one year and part-time in the ER), just in a different position. Up until residency really ended and his new job(s) began, it didn't feel like anything was changing. If I'd been packing up a household while all the end-of-residency parties were happening, I think I would have felt like we'd come to an end of an era.

I can tell life is a bit different now because Dan's main job has more regular hours. He basically leaves at the same time each weekday and returns around the same time. Amazing. Sounds normal, right?! That hasn't been our normal for most of our marriage and certainly not for the past 5 years. So it's pretty nice to have some regularity in our life. The kids know more what to expect as well.

Here's Dan with his fellow 5-year residents at the EM/IM graduation luncheon.

With the out-going chief and the chief for the year after this one.

You've worked really, really hard, Dan. I don't really know the half of it, but I'm really proud of you. Edwin and Elena talk about someone being hurt and going to the hospital and say: "Daddy will take care of them." 
I know your patients are well cared for. I'm honored to have been part of this journey with you.  (You know, washing your scrubs and making sure you have food to eat and all that good stuff! ;) )

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  1. Wow! Congratulations Dan! And Amy, washing his scrubs and making his food and taking care of his babies is great work! :)