Wednesday, February 5, 2014


The title deserves to be capitalized because of how much Edwin wanted new bib overalls. I would look (at his request) every time we stopped at a thrift store, but I never found any his size. So I decided I might as well make some. Let me just say that I have a lot more respect for whomever it is who sews my jeans. Like jeans, overalls have a lot of top stitching, and that part was more difficult than the actual construction of the clothing. Now I understand why overalls cost what they do in the store. Chances are the people sewing them don't get paid what they should. I've been thinking about that much more since making these overalls.

It might seems strange but these were Edwin's Christmas gift. He was pretty happy with them, except that he didn't like that it was a surprise. He wished I'd have told him I was making him some for Christmas. Go figure.

This pattern is Kwik Sew 3948. I used the same denim as my Lisette Traveler dress, but this is the right side. It's too lightweight for overalls, I think, but it worked well enough, and they certainly aren't too heavy for him to wear comfortably. Because of the thinness of the material I had to reinforce the areas where I attached the metal buttons. I almost ruined the overalls when attaching one of the buttons. They can be tricky, especially when it's midnight and you're trying to finish them the day before Christmas Eve. Thankfully, it all worked out, and no one sees the patched hole beside one of the buttons. I'm glad I made them, but I won't be making another pair any time soon.

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