Saturday, January 1, 2011

9 Months

Today marks Edwin's 9th month.

It's not been his happiest day, unfortunately, but I don't plan to dwell on that in this post.

Some of his recent accomplishments include:

Crawling on hands and knees. He used to primarily do the "army crawl" but I hardly see him do that anymore. He really just got the knack of crawling within the past week or so.

Along with crawling, he's figured out how to pull himself into a standing position, and he first did that in his crib. I think he now spends a portion of time standing up in his crib at the beginning of nap time (and sometimes bedtime...such as right now, possibly), but so far I've only had to rescue him once from a position he fell into and couldn't roll out of.

Let's see, along with standing up he's also discovered that he can reach the cereal boxes, the basket of letters, some books and folders beside the letters and my piles of fabric which he explored for the first time today. (Can you tell I haven't totally "baby proofed"?)

His social interactions continue to be mostly fun and cheerful. He is becoming more opinionated and outspoken these days too. (I'm trying to take that in stride...)

We're thankful for this little guy!!

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