Friday, May 28, 2010

Swivel Clips

JoAnn Fabrics does not carry swivel clips. At least, the JoAnn's near us doesn't. This was a frustration for me because they can really come in handy for certain bags I made this spring.

Thankfully, Dan had a number of lanyards he didn't want that just happened to have swivel clips on the end. So I used those up and then scrounged around for clips that were similar.

Don't ask why I didn't think to check another craft store. I guess it's because JoAnn's, Michael's and A.C. Moore are all spread out here, and I wasn't going to drive from one to the other in search of swivel clips. (Lowe's had them, by the way, but they were too large for my purpose.)

Well, today I found some swivel clips at Michael's. It was perfect timing, too, because I was just finishing a beach bag for myself and I wanted some swivel clips for smaller bags that can be attached to a d-ring inside the large bag.

If you think my fabric choices are interesting (solid red lining, crazy pink fabric for the bags, bright green zippers) it's because I like to use up whatever I have in my fabric stash. The red fabric is nylon, so it should clean easily and dry easily when wet. The crazy pink fabric is just fun fabric and the green zippers were part of about a dozen zippers I bought together at a thrift store. I figured they coordinated well enough for me!


  1. I wish you were my home-ec teacher! I'm continually amazed by your skills and resourcefulness.

  2. Have you ever considered opening a Etsy store? I would definitely buy some of your things!