Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

Can I just tell you a few of my favorite things about Edwin and life with him?
(In random order...)

1. His adorable smile
2. Holding him on my shoulder, totally relaxed
3. Nursing him
4. His little belly button
5. Watching him look around alertly
6. Seeing him in cute cloth diapers
7. His blue eyes (we'll see if they stay that way)
8. Watching him and Dan together
9. Knowing that he recognizes my voice
10. The little stretch he does after he finishes nursing


  1. What a sweet post, Amy! I'm so glad you are finding many things to enjoy about Edwin during the first weeks- it makes me more hopeful for having a newborn!

  2. The FACS Dept at NCHS is looking forward to meeting Edwin and seeing you in the role of "Mom". I think Susan is coming aroung 6/3. The Seniors will be gone then so I will be alot more available :)