Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Strawberry Shortcake Dilemma

Dan, Edwin and I spent most of last weekend in Baltimore city. Our initial reason for going there was so I could pick some strawberries. What? Going to the city to pick strawberries? Yes, it's true.

Dan's brother has a strawberry patch in one of the multiple city backyards he takes care of. I am amazed every year at how many strawberries come from such a relatively small patch. I was one of many people who have picked strawberries over the past couple of weeks, and I had no trouble picking somewhere around 4 quarts.

After returning home, I decided that one of the first things I wanted to make with these berries is some strawberry shortcake. Now, this causes a minor dilemma because I have two recipes: one is called "Edie's Shortcake" and one is called "Jane's Shortcake". One is my mom's and one is Dan's mom's.

The dilemma is which to make first because we each prefer our own mother's recipe. So, do I please my self first or Dan?

Well, this year I was kind to Dan and made "Jane's Shortcake" first. When we've eaten all of it, I'll make "Edie's Shortcake." So then we're both happy.

Speaking of strawberry shortcake, Edwin's in bed, so I think it's time to have some of this:

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  1. Karen always makes "Evelyn's" shortcake. You should try that recipe, too! (it's really good)