Saturday, March 20, 2010

Nursery Tour

Welcome to our vintage nursery! Would you like a tour? Here you go...

Closet door and some little shelves. (No, we aren't having a girl, but that little white dress is just too cute to put away.)
And moving on to the right, the view when you first walk in the room.This is the view opposite the window. You can see the shelves Dan hung today. That changing table is the one Dan's diapers were changed father, like son, I suppose. (And just as an interesting side note, the changing table was purchased with green stamps and used for 3 of Dan's cousins and his 3 nieces and nephews, as well!)
And now for a few close-ups...

First we have some pillows made with vintage linens.
A close-up of the book shelf which contains some toys as well.
And I just had to show you my first pair of shoes!
This is a shelf which belonged to my paternal grandmother. Aside from some practical things on it, there are a few vintage decorations.

Some old books I found along with Dan's first pair of baby shoes. Our baby is bound to have blond or red hair, so I thought these were fitting!
A small cup which belonged to my paternal grandfather. It says "baby" on it.
And a knit sweater, cap and bootie set that were Dan's.
Here's that vintage changing table again. Filled with diapers and other necessities. See that pot on the top?

It's an old potty! (I cleaned it out and wiped it with alcohol, so don't be grossed out!)
And we can't forget blankets. The bright one in the front is the Amish-style baby quilt Dan's mom made. I'll have to show it completely in another post - it's beautiful.
And some receiving blankets and burp cloths, all ready for use beside the rocking chair.
Oh, and here are my hospital bags. Kind of looks like I'm going to the beach...

Now all we need is BABY!


  1. It looks so great-I love all the memories that are already filled in baby's new home. Lovely-thinking of you as you head to this new adventure.

  2. I'm so jealous of your baby room! The vintage stuff is too sweet. What a lucky little boy.

  3. oh, wow Amy, this is just beautiful!!!
    great job, now its just the waiting1