Thursday, March 11, 2010

37 weeks (aka FULL TERM)

Well, the baby can come at any time. He's now considered "full term." Here are a few statistics.

When I measured my "waist" at 30 weeks, it was 40 inches. I measured it today, and it's 42 inches.

I had an ultrasound almost 3 weeks ago, and the sonographer estimated the baby's weight at 5 lbs, 11 oz. So if he's gaining the standard amount (1/2 lb. a week) he's a little over 7 lbs. by now and on track to be over 8 lbs. by my due date.

Eight pound babies are average for my family, so I've been expecting that, but I certainly hope he doesn't get too much bigger than that. However, I also don't think those estimations are something to be scared of. It's an estimation after all. Plus, I'm trusting that my body will not grow a baby bigger than what it can deliver. Additionally, I'm trying to keep tabs on my diet - trying to avoid too many fatty, sugary and refined carbohydrate type foods. Hmm, I was thinking of eating some ice cream tonight. Maybe I'll just have a spoonful...?

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