Monday, February 8, 2010

Snowy Days

I guess it's only fitting that I post some pictures of our neighborhood covered in snow. Dan and I usually like to take a walk on days that snow. This time we waited until it was done snowing, so we didn't have to walk with snow blowing in our faces. It was kind of festive being out and about in the neighborhood because so many people were out shoveling. I also ran into some kids I taught at a local school while doing a long-term sub stint last month and learned that they live just a couple blocks away from us. That was a cozy experience. I like knowing the people who live near me.

Our lovely space-age car.

Our street: plowed, but treacherous. Stay away from the gray areas.

I love the icicles hanging from these eaves.

A little snow creature we met on our walk.

Yes, that is Dan's motorcycle buried in the alley. He decided not to take it to work last night.

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