Saturday, September 19, 2009

Did I mention projects?

For those of you who pay attention to my facebook page,you may have seen some of these photos. I thought that since I mentioned projects in my post last month, I should at least put some of them here. Follow up is good, right?

I've been enjoying my available time for projects. Normally, (meaning any other year)my days would be full of teaching responsibilities. Then I'd go home and make some supper for Dan and I. Then, if I had the energy and motivation, I'd work on whatever project was at hand. Inevitably, my time was limited. Earlier this week, I realized that I had spent the majority of multiple days solely on a sewing project. Dan was working late, so I didn't worry about making supper and I could just work. No rush. I'm finding it to be lots of fun. I think I need to enjoy it while it lasts. As you'll see from a later post, I won't always have such large chunks of disposable time...

But for now, a few photo explanations.

1&2. A new footstool. I bought this at a thrift store with the original red cover. After using the flowered fabric for another project, I thought it would be fun to recover our footstool. It makes me smile when I look at it.

3&4. My new, snazzy apron, made from scraps from other projects. I've been using a "plain" apron which belonged to my plain Mennonite step great-grandmother. Functional and sentimental, but not the most attractive (should I be embarrassed to show the plain apron?). I think the new one is better, don't you?

5&6. This is Julie's chair. The red plush is how she found it at Goodwill, and the flowered fabric is how it is now. This is where I got the flowered fabric for my footstool. This was my first reupholstery project, and it went well. It's a messy job, but incredibly rewarding. It was a good chair to start on because it didn't have so much to recover. Maybe next time I'll try a chair that is completely fabric.

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