Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Are you the Sub?

I decided to try subbing this year since having a full-time job didn't appeal to me for multiple reasons (one of them being the hope of starting a family - not a good idea to quit a new teaching job halfway through the year; another being the advent of Dan's VERY BUSY intern schedule, and my desire for at least one of us to not be stressed out).

A school I'm interested in subbing for called! I was so excited. On Sunday night I got a call from a local school asking if I would have interest in subbing for a Spanish teacher. Do I speak Spanish? Absolutely not. Does that always matter when subbing? No. But by the time I returned the call, they found some one else who does know some Spanish (apparently the teacher was going to be out for a while so having some one who really knows more than a few canned phrases was important.). I was disappointed, but excited overall that the school actually called me.

Monday morning at 8:30: My cell phone rang and it was the same school (the early childhood part) calling to see if I could fill in for an assistant teacher who works with 3 year olds. I said yes, and spent the day employing all of my early childhood training.

I was exhausted by the end of the day and realized how glad I am that I'm not working full-time. Props to all of you mothers-to-be who are working or have worked full-time while pregnant.

I applaud you.

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