Friday, August 7, 2009


I realize is over a month since we've written anything, so I thought I'd take some time to give an update on life in Wilmington.

I just returned this week from a weekend in Lancaster where I spent some time taking care of my nephews and niece, visiting friends and getting fresh produce. I brought back a car full of things and have been busy taking care of them.

First I spent some time canning peaches and then tomatoes. After that I decided I might as well get started on taking apart my sister's chair - it's my first attempt at reupholstery. Cross your fingers, Julie.

I also brought back a very exciting project - an old, very large rug that needs some TLC. I hope to give it some attention in the next week or so - after I take care of this chair.

You're wondering about Dan? Well, he's become very busy this month, working in the cardiac ICU. I see him briefly each day. After he gets home, we have just enough time to catch up and then the day's over.

We're looking forward to his weekend off tomorrow and Sunday.


  1. Sounds like you're having fun Amy!! Good luck freezing/canning! So much fun yet so much work! Glad to hear that you're getting settled in your new home :)

  2. Way to update the blog, Amy! I hope you're enjoying your weekend off with Dan!

  3. Hooray! Thanks for leaving a comment so that I can see your blog now. =) We miss you all just a little bit more since you're even further away now.

    I look forward to staying up-to-date on your Hess family happenings!

  4. this is the blog i was talking about last GREAT seeing you and reconnecting.
    Have a happy day!