Monday, March 9, 2009

Sew What?

In the States we don't teach FACS at the elementary level. It's too bad, really. I've enjoyed teaching some sewing and crocheting to children grades K - 5. And you should see how proud of their bags they are! Last Friday was "open house" for the parents and caregivers of the students, and I had all their bags displayed. Not all the bags were finished but the parents/caregivers were able to see their child's progress. I'm proud of the students for all their hard work, and I'm so glad they enjoyed the project. When Mrs. Krause and I first discussed what "home ec" skills I could teach, we talked about crocheting. Due to some difficulty procuring the hooks, I decided to teach some basic sewing skills that would enable the children to sew a bag. In retrospect, I really think it all worked out for the best. I've begun teaching some crocheting to students who have completed their bags, and it's more difficult for some of them to get the hang of it. I'm very glad we didn't start out with crocheting. Now it's a fun, challenging addition to sewing bags. Pictures to come later!

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