Monday, March 16, 2009

Return Reflections

We're back in Baltimore. Every time I travel by air, I can never quite wrap my mind around the distance of where I've just flown from. Air travel seems so deceptive. We traveled part of the way around the world in just over 24 hours. Can Macha, Zambia really be that far from here?

I've composed a list of what I've missed from life in the States followed by a list of what I'll miss about Macha, Zambia.

What I've Missed in the States:

Talking with my family members on the phone and in person
The NCHS FACS department
Sitting on the love seat by the window while reading
Resources within easy reach
Milk and ice cream
The variety of food and groceries available
The Mount/Wilkens/Gilmore Dinner Club
My dance classes
Having a house to ourselves
Hot showers
Our washing machine
Spending time with U.S. friends
Afternoon walks and talks with Bekah

What I'll Miss About Macha:

Riding bike down a dirt road and path early in the morning on the way to school
Priscilla's nchima and relish
Visits at the homes of other ex-Pats in Macha
Hearing my students say in unison: "Good morning, Mrs. Hess!"
Laughing and chatting with Beverly
The warmth and friendliness of the people in Macha
Seeing women carrying babies on their backs
The beautiful night sky - I've never seen anything like it here!
My students who would randomly stop by the house in the afternoons
Eating lunch with Dan every day
The calm, peaceful, relaxing pace of life
The singing of the students at Macha Girls Secondary School

It's been good for me to reflect and create these lists. Hope you enjoyed reading them!

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