Saturday, February 7, 2009


(late entry)

Perhaps the most important part of my orientation to the maternity ward was omitted - the women in the labour suite have a little bell beside their bed. They ring it when they need help - like when the baby is coming. Dr. Spurrier walked in for evening rounds to find me and the other med student chatting at the nurses station about the woman in labour with twins. He noticed the midwife, alone this shift, scrambling to put away some medicines in the main ward and get back to the labour suite. The bell was ringing! We all arrived at about the same time to find the first twin (who presented in the breech position) delivered on its own lying on the bed. At first it looked a bit blue, but was just fine with a little coaxing. I examined Mom and determined that twin #2 was coming out the proper way - head first and a few minutes later with out much help from me the second child was born. As this baby was entering the world, the midwife, noting that the membranes were covering its head, warned me that sometimes they tear and can splatter you. Unsure of what she meant for me to do with her warning, I backed away a bit and out it came. It too was just fine. Of course this story provided a good laugh for everyone at our morning meeting the next day.

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