Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hello, Zambia!

And we've made it safely to Zambia! We arrived in Livingstone, Zambia yesterday afternoon. We're staying in a back-packers' hostel in the town for two nights before leaving for our final destination early tomorrow morning. No trip to Zambia is complete without a stop at Victoria Falls - one of the seven wonders of the world - so we made sure to visit them today. What a sight!! It's the rainy season here in Zambia, so the falls are flowing heavily compared to later in the year, and it's typical to get drenched while viewing them. After visiting the falls in the morning, we took a dinner cruise on the Zambezi River where we saw some wildlife and a beautiful sunset.

Tomorrow we'll leave the tourist attractions behind and head to Choma, Zambia by bus. We've heard part of the road from here to Choma is not so good, so we may have an interesting trip. From Choma we'll catch a ride to Macha. We hope to arrive in Macha sometime in the afternoon or early evening.

That's all the logistical information for now. What interesting experiences have we had? What sticks out to me most is how persistent people are when they want to sell us something. We're obviously tourists, and being a tourist equals having some amount of money, and so people are determined to convince us to purchase what they have. Even after telling some one multiple times that you don't plan to buy anything, they may still walk with you and keep trying to convince you why you should buy it. It's an exercise in patience. I (Amy) am not very patient.

We'll write again once we've arrived in Macha. Hopefully we'll post some more pictures then - the photo upload didn't work so well this evening.

(So who won the superbowl?)

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