Monday, February 9, 2009


Well, it's official - I'm teaching some sewing to the chidlren at MICS. Today I introduced the "unit of study" and tomorrow they'll begin learning to sew a button. After that I'll teach them some hand-sewing. Once they have that down, they'll get to hand sew a small bag. It's only hand-sewing here because we don't have sewing machines. However, I think hand sewing will be more manageable to supervise.

In addition to teaching "home ec" classes (I know, I know - it's "Family and Consumer Sciences!" - everyone here still calls it Home Ec), I'm teaching language arts for grade 3. This includes spelling words, writing and phonics.

On Thursdays I'll help with the art activity and on Fridays I'm helping with the library lessons. I work with some Zambian teachers to determine what the library lesson is, and they'll be helping with the sewing classes.

There is a total of 42 students at the school, and I'll work with each of them.
I'm hoping to take my camera to school one of these days and finally take some pictures so you can get an idea of how things are.

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  1. Amy, what an incredible experience and I love how you are able to draw from your own talents in your teaching in Africa! From you and your husband's other posts, it looks like you are having an amazing time. :)