Sunday, June 18, 2017

The 3rd Floor

Let's just jump right into the pictures and forget about any narrative. Because pictures are more fun, right?


Walls and ceiling removed

Spray foam insulation 
(A great decision - this has kept the house much cooler in the summer 
and warmer in the winter - the difference is amazing!)

HVAC installed

New windows and drywall - 
finally looking like a room again.

New doors installed in storage areas

We chose a color called "terra cotta". 
Some of the pictures below look
much brighter than it is. I'd say the one 
directly below is pretty accurate.


Old wood floor...

Refinished floor. 
There is a large dark area because that part was never originally coated. 
I guess the just had a big area rug over that spot. So we have a two tone floor, 
but it's not a big deal to us. Just part of the character and story of the house.

We've got furniture in it now and have been using the space. Up until recently, however, the storage room doors have been unfinished. We've been working on them, so I have been waiting until they are finished to post any final "after" photos. 

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  1. It's sweet that you kept the dark rug spot - old houses have character and a past and I like it that way.

    Love the wall color! So fun.