Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Old Chairs, New Paint

When it feels like spring, it's time for an outside project. What better way to spend time than with a can of spray paint and some old chairs? I "should" be working on something for my online class, but this is much more fun. Plus, I can work on that stuff after the kids are in bed.

A number of years ago I bought 2 chairs (like this one below) at a used furniture store. I recovered the seats, freshened up their white paint and they were good-to-go. Lately they've been looking a bit worn out. I just purchased a vintage iron table and two small chairs, so I figured these chairs should get a make over too.

Just for fun: here's the original fabric. I left it on and just put the new fabric over top.

Cushion off, first coat of spray paint. I like them much better already!

And finished! All ready for warmer weather....

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