Wednesday, August 24, 2011


This month has been a busy one and there's more to go. I've got a list of projects spinning around in my head so any given day they parade through my mind, reminding me they still exist, and I try to figure out when to get them all done. What's on this to-do list of mine?

can salsa
can chopped tomatoes
can tomato juice
finish the tablecloth (a custom tablecloth for a friend's client)
finish my winter coat (I am endeavoring to make myself a wool coat - I haven't worked on it since I've been pregnant and hot, humid weather isn't a great time to work with wool)
finish sewing two more cloth diapers
maybe convert my bumgenius velcro diapers to snaps
embellish the bassinet (just bought an old wicker bassinet and I want to add to it just for fun)

I've got the tomatoes sitting in my kitchen so at least I know I will have them taken care of in the next couple of days!

Off to tackle something from the list!

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