Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pregnancy Randomness

I think this humidity is smothering my thoughts. Before we announced our pregnancy, I couldn't wait to blog about it. Once we announced it, I no longer really felt like I wanted to blog about it. Or rather, I wasn't really sure I had much to say on the subject. There are maybe two interesting pieces of information about it so far.

One is that I'm not going back to the same practice I went to with Edwin. There's a free-standing birth center in our city, and so that's where I'm getting my prenatal care this time around. I was too stressed out by the super-huge practice I went to before. I liked my midwife there, but I didn't like waiting a long time for a short appointment or some of the routines that made me feel like I was on an assembly line for pregnant women. Plus, I wasn't crazy about some of the routine practices at the hospital (IV ports, no eating allowed while in labor, hospital gowns, greater chance of unnecessary interventions, sterile looking rooms, etc.) and I like the atmosphere and type of care I'm receiving at the birth center. As long as no concerns or complications arise during pregnancy, I'll be able to deliver there. The only thing that I wasn't so sure about with a birth center birth is the early discharge. They send you and baby home 4-8 hours after giving birth. I did like having my meals brought to me in the hospital post-pardum. But I think I can get over that.

Anyway, I'm excited. My first two appointments have gone well - especially the 2nd where I didn't get all nervous when my blood pressure was taken and therefore it was NORMAL! If you read along while I was pregnant with Edwin, you'll know that my nervousness at my prenatal appointments always led to high blood pressure readings, which always created some drama. I'm looking forward to meeting all of the midwives there.

The other tid-bit of information is that Dan and I are unsure of whether or not to find out the sex of this baby when we have our 20 week ultrasound. We found out with Edwin - we'd both wanted to. This time, I want to wait until the birth, but Dan would like to find out. I guess we need to decide in the next few weeks, since I'm now at 17 weeks.

This is about 3 weeks old now (taken at 14 weeks), but it's the only photo I have so far.


  1. Leaving early has been such a blessing when I've had my babies. I like to be back to my own things with my own people! I have never stayed longer than 4 hours and with Pearl they only made me stay for two since I actually had her at home and only came in for after care.

  2. Good to hear, Maria! I think everyone I've talked to whose done the birth center route has liked going home early too - so that's reassuring to hear! I figure I'll just make sure to have some food in the freezer. :)

  3. I always beg to go home from the hospital early, and the best they've done is let me go home after one night instead of two. It was lovely. =) Some friends organized meals for us though, so maybe it would have been a different story if I'd had to cook right away. As for finding out or not, I wanted to be "surprised" last time, but Mike wanted to find out. In the end, I think it was good to find out because Kathryn had her heart set on a girl. She was mad for a few days after we found out Christopher was going to be a boy, and I think it would have been a bit hurtful if she was mad about it after he had been born. Instead, she had a whole half a pregnancy to adjust to the idea, and loved her brother once he was actually born. =)

  4. Amy- Good for you for standing up for yourself! I wish I would have after our first bad experience with what I felt like was a "Wal-Mart Pregnancy Center". I don't think I ever saw the same person twice which led to lots of drama. Thanks for the comment. I definitely agree with the quote you sent "Success in any other area of life does not make up for failure at home". Best wishes with your second pregnancy!!