Thursday, May 26, 2011

Good News!

I ran some errands this morning and a friend came over to watch Edwin. The good news about this is that he was just fine! He did some fake crying as I was leaving, but then was happy the rest of the time. This is huge!

He hasn't done so well being watched by others up to this point. Most of the time he bawls his eyes out the entire time. Recently, however, a friend watched him for me one morning for a few hours at her house, and we discovered that he did pretty well if he had his little "blankie bear" with him. That was a wonderful discovery.

He was baby-sat at home this morning, and I think the combination of home and "blankie bear" (and my friend, of course!) made it a much nicer experience than being watched by a stranger in a nursery.

I was relieved last week and today to know that he doesn't wail the whole time I'm gone if he's with some one he knows and is in a familiar environment. I guess this is all pretty logical, but it was good to have two very positive baby-sitting experiences. I feel much better. :)

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  1. This is very good to know! We haven't tried leaving Rose while she's awake yet. I'm a little nervous! Once we meet some worthy people, though, it's probably time.