Thursday, June 24, 2010

12 weeks

Edwin is 12 weeks old today! Life has changed so much in those 12 weeks, and yet I can't really imagine life without Edwin. We are enjoying this little guy so much.

I have been pondering parenthood lately and realized that I don't mind the restrictions having an infant puts on my activities. I can't up and do things quite as quickly or conveniently, because I now have a little person who depends on me, but I find that I don't really mind that. In fact, crazy hot days like today are more of a restriction - I wouldn't spend much time outside right now for my own sake, not to mention Edwin's.

Perhaps I'll long for the days of "freedom" at some point, but I am just really content with my life right now. I waited a long time to have a baby, and so I'm enjoying life with a baby. It's entirely possible that Edwin's low-key attitude towards life and his ability to entertain himself (many thanks to the ceiling fan, books and toy turtles) play a huge part in this contentment, I realize that.

I don't mind that we might not be able to go to EVERY party or get-together we'd have gone to before, or that we might have to leave a bit earlier than we normally would have.

I'm just thankful for this little boy who is part of our family. With that said, here are a few notable things from the 3rd month:

Edwin has finally found his thumb.

He enjoys looking at books and can entertain himself this way.

He now laughs, I mean really laughs, out loud sometimes. Probably the most notable time - and the one I missed - was when he laughed after peeing on Dan.

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