Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Almost a month

A month ago today, I was hoping and hoping I'd go into spontaneous labor. I can hardly believe that almost 4 weeks have passed since Edwin's birth. It's gone quickly, and he's growing! I've had to "retire" a number of his newborn sleepers and shirts. He's such a long boy that even some of his 0-3 month clothes are snug on him. You'll notice the same outfit in many of the pictures. These weren't all taken the same day, but I'm trying to make the most of the newborn clothes before he's totally grown out of them!!

Here are a few notable things from the past couple of weeks:
- His umbilical cord fell off and he now has an adorable belly button
- I started using cloth diapers on him (no, I didn't use them right away - I waited to dive into that until after his circumcision healed and his cord fell off). It's been nice using cloth diapers. If I'm getting low on them, I just throw the dirty ones into the laundry and voila! more diapers!
- He met all of his cousins. He was oblivious to this, of course, but had he known how fun it was for his older cousins to meet him, I'm sure he would have been thrilled to meet them too.

- He drank from a bottle for the first time today. Looks like he may be able to switch between bottle and breast pretty easily. That can come in handy!
- He's still not sure he likes "tummy time." We'll keep working on that.
And a parting shot for today...


  1. it's great to see pictures and hear about your life as a mom. :) i especially love the one with you holding Edwin. i'm gonna be coming to you with all my pregnancy, labor, and parenting questions when my time comes! hope you don't mind! :)
    - Bekah

  2. Looks great, Amy! It's fun to hear how things are going for you guys. I can see you in Edwin's face in the first picture! So fun!