Friday, December 25, 2009

Photo Update: Week 26

Merry Christmas! We've spent the day with family, so I made sure to have my mom take a picture. It's been a while since I've shown an update of how I look. I'm 26 weeks (6 1/2 months) and am really feeling the baby move around. It is the most reassuring feeling in the world! If a length of time passes without me feeling much movement, I get antsy and just wait and wait to feel the baby move around.

All seems to be going well for both me and babykins. I am so thankful. Here's how we look:


  1. If the baby hasn't been moving for a while and you get nervous, you can just poke him. This will come in handy when the baby gets bigger and if he likes to kick you in the ribs (that's a very weird feeling)!

  2. you look so precious, so festive!! the best is yet to come!!!! :-)