Monday, November 20, 2017

Faithful Shoes

It is time to say goodbye to these shoes. I bought them about 18 years ago when I was a nanny, and I loved them. I was on my feet a lot, so I decided I needed some really good quality shoes. I also wanted shoes I could slip on and off easily.

These shoes were so comfortable. They convinced me that spending a chunk of money on really good shoes was a worthwhile investment.

I remember one day I had them off while making a bed in the little girl's room. She put them on and announced "I'm the nanny!"

After I no longer was a nanny, I wore them less and less, but I kept them because I liked them so much. When living in Baltimore and fixing up our house there, they became my go-to work shoe because I could slip them on and off when leaving the dirty areas and entering the clean. I continued to use them here as well for house projects and would slip them on when I needed to go outside briefly. But the soles have now cracked and moisture gets in if I wear them in wet grass, and they are no longer as comfortable. After not wearing them for most of this summer and fall, I finally decided I need to let them go. I think 18 years is a good life span for a well-worn shoe, don't you?

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