Monday, February 22, 2016

A Little More Kitchen


I actually took some staged pictures. Strategic pictures that don't show the messy piles of stuff I moved from the island so it would be nice and cleared off. Or the old fridge we haven't replaced. Or the baby toys strewn across the floor.

We've gradually added a few decorating touches to the kitchen here and there. I've painted the trim, bought new canisters, and finally made a decision about curtain fabric. So here are some recent pictures of how our kitchen looks when it's not in use (which is never, really.)

I was recently searching online for posts and photos of furniture and decorating styles from the late 1930s and early 1940s. Since our house was built in 1939, I figured I'd see what was in style during that time. I came across a picture on this site and had to chuckle because I hadn't really planned to follow a 1940s color scheme, but it appears that I did. When planning our kitchen, I liked the idea of using some retro ideas (white cabinets, for example), but aside from keeping the stainless steel counter top, we didn't try to re-use old cabinets or retro styled appliances. However, I do like the fact that our kitchen seems to fit, in some ways, with the time period the house is from.

1940s blue kitchen with linoleum flooring

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