Thursday, October 1, 2015

It's Always Worse Before It's Better

At least, that's what I've learned about home renovations. You tear something out, it looks worse than it first did, but then once it's finished, it's better.

I'm really, really glad that I participated in this process before now. Otherwise, I think I'd be in a state of shock.

Let me show you what I mean...

Attic Before:

Attic During: 

Kitchen Before:

Kitchen During:

Sewing Room Before:

 Sewing Room During:

Family Room Before:


Family Room During:

 One of your best friends when renovating a house.

Sorry for the poor quality on some of the photos. I was in a hurry when taking them. I'm just thankful I took some. Chances are if the pictures are blurry, I took them. If they are clear, Dan took them. One of these days, when things are more cleaned up, I'll snap some finished pictures. We finally got trim up in the family room, so it looks much better. Don't ask me when we'll get that trim painted, because it is pretty far down my to-do list. Right now we are trying to finish up trim in the kitchen and dining room as well as paint the old trim and paint the walls. So tools are sprinkled around here and there and almost everywhere.

I've been painting when I can in between school runs, grocery runs, miscellaneous errands, making meals, changing diapers, washing laundry and hanging it out to dry (our dryer is broken), canning applesauce and grape juice, keeping things semi-tidy, reading stories, breaking up sibling rows, watering potted plants, pulling weeds, sitting by the campfire, and relaxing now and then. I keep thinking it's taking so stinkin' long to get this dining room painted, but we are slowly making progress.


  1. wait: you're doing ALL of this now? All these renovations? That is crazy!!! I hope you have a peaceful corner somewhere :)

  2. Well, these pictures were taken before we moved it. We waited until most of the tearing out and dust-making activities were finished before we moved in. So it's not quite as dramatic as it might seem from the pictures - we weren't living here through all of this. But we are a bit crazy - new house, renovations, new baby. Believe it or not, having a baby to nurse and snuggle has been life-giving and made me stop and rest!