Monday, June 25, 2012

Only a Week?

We've been home for just over a week now and it feels like it's been much longer. While we were away it seemed as if life here should've been on pause until we returned. It was winter (not a typical east coast winter, but a southern Africa winter with cold night and warm days) in Gaborone, and I knew we were coming back to summer, but I was not ready for the crazy heat and humidity we had late last week. I tried to remind myself that I was very glad the weather was milder when we first got back. At least we had a few days to adjust to the weather.

I jumped right back into life here. It's blueberry season which means buying a 20 lb box (no, I don't go and pick my own!) or two, washing, laying them out to dry off and then packing them in freezer boxes so we can enjoy them all winter long.

I hadn't planted summer annuals in our flower pots before leaving in April, so I bought some on Friday and have been planting them over the past few days, with Edwin's help. He really enjoys gardening, so I try to have him help as much as I can. He dumps the plant food in before I put the plant in the ground and then helps to water the flowers too.

Laundry is a constant event here, and I've been hanging most of it outside. It's just too nice to put it in the dryer, but that means it does take me longer to get the laundry dried, folded and put away.

The house is begging to be cleaned, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I have discovered it is my least favorite chore, although I love having a clean house. Now that I can't easily clean the whole house in one day (which was the case pre-children), I don't clean nearly as often as I used to. Plus, I just got back from almost 2 months of not having to clean my house (thank you, Rebecca!!), so I'm a little out-of-practice.

We've been trying to catch up with friends we haven't seen in a while, there are doctor's appointments coming up and potty training is looming on the horizon as well.

Today has been a day at home - laundry, gardening, mid-morning snack time, reading stories, lunch (and Dan was home for lunch!!), silly games with a toddler and baby and now nap time. I have a few more flowers I'd like to plant and some cookies and milk to eat while I sit and read.

It's a great, great day.

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