Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Terrific Two Year Old

(grocery shopping)

This little guy turned 2 on Sunday. We had gone into the hospital the morning before he was born, so I was actually reminiscing on Saturday morning at 5 a.m. while nursing Elena - remembering how we had to go in ridiculously early in order to be induced.

I'm so thankful for Edwin's smiles and his ideas and how excited he gets when he sees construction vehicles and when he gets to hang out with some of his best friends. He loves to help me wash dishes and do any kind of baking and cooking. He loves digging in the sand and dirt outside. His vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds, and it's amazing how excited I get when he says a new word or pronounces an old word more correctly. I get a kick out of how he caught onto us calling him Ned sometimes, and so that's how he refers to himself whenever he wants something or has done something mischievous.

Mama loves you, bud.


  1. Yay for two years! He sure is a cutie!

  2. I sure do love that little boy! Also, is that nutella on your bread up there??? :)