Saturday, December 31, 2011


I feel like I'm just now rebounding from having my facebook and e-mail address hacked into and taken over. Word to the wise, if you haven't set up recovery e-mail addresses and a phone number in your account, do so. I'd have my g-mail back by now if I'd done that.

Having my privacy invaded in this way sent me into a little tailspin of sadness and gloominess. Pair that with Dan going back to work, and you have an unhappy wife and mom. Yesterday was not a good day. Today was much better. Dan sacrificed some sleep this morning to help with the kids and gave me a chance to get out of the house and run an errand. Who knew that a trip to the store to buy another nursing bra could be so exhilarating?

A friend requested more baby pictures. Let me see if I can help you get your fix!

Elena at the birth center

Relaxing at home, soon after her arrival

Half a week old

This pictures are already old. I've realized I don't have many of this little lady (my mom, on the other hand, has lots and lots!). I guess I know what I'll be doing tomorrow...


  1. She's so pretty! I wish I could travel to DE more easily and come visit your little family!

  2. Such sweet photos! Sorry about the cruel hacker. "Little" things that go wrong in the midst of major life adjustments can be just enough to push me over the edge, so I was feeling for you! I'm glad you got to go out by yourself. Yay Dan! When you got married 7 years ago, could you have imagined that you'd spend part of a future anniversary nursing bra shopping? =)