Monday, October 24, 2011

Unnecessary Fun

I've decided to use a bassinet for this baby until Edwin is closer to being ready to move to a bigger bed. I debated whether to get another crib (didn't really want to do this), get a toddler bed (didn't really want to do this either) or try to move Edwin to a twin bed-sized mattress on the floor. I don't think he's really ready for the freedom this would give him, and I know I'm not ready for it. So we decided we'd use a bassinet for Baby 2 until Edwin's closer to 2 years old and we're past the newborn stage.

I found this wicker bassinet on craigslist, and although it's in good shape, I wanted to embellish it - just for fun. I used a linen tablecloth along with a white cotton sheet and some sheer, textured white curtain fabric (thrift stores are wonderful!). I also used some of the fabric from the curtains in the nursery because this will sit in there after we move the crib to Edwin's soon-to-be new room.

I had fun custom making this cover and it didn't turn out to be as difficult as I first thought, although I kept it pretty simple. I'd kind of like to cover the removable top piece, but that doesn't seem so simple, so I doubt I'll make it a priority. Plus, I might not even use it.

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  1. What a fun project! Mariah slept in a pack & play for about a year - our house was so little we didn't set up the crib. Dillon liked super soft mattresses - if only I had known I could have padded our bassinet mattress. Mariah didn't mind one bit. If she had her little pack & play she could sleep anywhere!