Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Earlier this week I procrastinated from doing some things that were high on my "to do" list by sewing some fun shorts for Edwin. I didn't think I'd try making any of Edwin's clothes since onesies are wonderful, we got so many clothes as gifts, and thrift stores are pretty cheap.

However, a friend gave me some cute "boy" fabric, and I just couldn't resist. She found it at a store called Spool. One of these days I need to stop in there and check it out in person.

I didn't need a pattern. I just googled patterns for shorts and found a couple tutorials that showed how easy it is to make a pair of simple shorts. So then I used a pair of Edwin's shorts as my template.

And I've managed to procrastinate even more by taking this sewing activity and turning it into a blog post!


  1. I wish my procrastination was as productive as yours! Cute shorts. =)

  2. I love those shorts! I wish I was crafty!