Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Almost halfway

We spent last weekend with my family at a cabin (a very nice, cozy cabin) in northern PA. During that time I made sure to get my mom to take a few "belly shots." I'm 18.5 weeks (4 1/2 months) pregnant in these pictures. I'm posting two almost identical pictures because I feel like one makes me look bigger (picture 1), the other smaller (picture 2). I'm not sure which is really accurate. The reality is, I really look like I'm pregnant now!

I've been feeling the "round ligament pain" - that is, the stretching uterus - for quite a while. I've noticed it goes in spurts. I'll have a day or two of periodic cramping and twinges and then - POOF! - my belly has expanded. We'll see if the pattern continues.

We have another appointment on Monday, and we'll have an ultrasound at that time. And yes, we're going to find out the sex of the baby. I always thought I'd want to wait, but I've decided I'd rather know and then be able to picture a boy or a girl. We'll let you all know, but we'll keep name options a secret until the birth announcement.

And...I'm beginning to suspect I feel our little Hessling dancing around inside me. It feels like little bubbles every now and again. I only notice it if I'm sitting still. I've heard I'll just "know", but I am not quite sure if what I'm feeling is the baby. I've had these periodic "bubbles" since Saturday, and I don't think I ever felt them before. So what do you experiences moms say: is Baby Hess finally being felt??

Here's photo evidence of Baby Hess:


  1. Hmm ... it could be! I felt Noah when he was only 17 1/2 weeks. I described it similarly: bubbles or like kernels of popcorn popping one at a time.

  2. Amy..you still look great for being almost half way! And you are probably feeling the little one kick..that's around when I usually felt my babies kicking. Sounds like you are enjoying pregnancy...it is a pretty amazing journey.

  3. Amy... I know, I'm "retro"-reading! Is that even a word? I felt my first at 15 1/2 weeks. It felt like a bubble going up! We read in a book to try a flashlight on the belly...played with it for a little while...then, all of the sudden....whoosh! What an experience! Of course, it was hard to feel the movements very well or very often for a couple of more weeks...but I knew that was her at that moment! It is an amazing journey! I'm so thrilled Edwin Daniel is now in your arms...how precious! God bless your family! love & prayers, Camila